Web Development for Nonprofits

We LOVE working with nonprofit and community based organizations.  We’ve performed web development and technology consulting for a number of nonprofits. Regarding the web, we understand that your web presence serves as the public voice and medium through which you encourage and inspire constituents.

At Redwand Ventures, we strive to help organizations reach their supporters through clear strategies, and focused mission. We have mastered our consultative process that helps our clients identify and determine:

  • how to position the organization online
  • best options for fundraising
  • programs and services to spotlight

We feel compelled to encourage the selfless work that you’re doing. This is why we offer a DEEP discount to those organizations with tax exempt status.

Nonprofit Clients

Nonprofits Redwand Ventures has worked with

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Website Options

Online Donations – fundraising is the life blood of your organization. New supporters and those who can be enlightened to become donors are valuable partners. We have worked with several solutions to accomplish donation processing.

Event Registration – what technologies have you used to establish a smooth event registration process? We can craft or recommend solutions that will ensure your patrons and donors have a hassle free registration process.

How to prepare

Do your research – survey your users and present website condition. Make notes of what is working and where issues arise.

Conduct a site audit – if you’re updating a current site, gather a list of the content items that will be moved to the new site.

Have a plan of action – ensure that you know what the design/development process will entail. Get dates & times and fall backs.

Do you have questions about our services for nonprofits? Reach out to us at info@redwandventures.com