Why nonprofits?

Technology advances at a pace that many nonprofits aren’t in a financial state to stay abreast with. There’s information that you’re not capturing from donors, your website is either slow or not being updated as often, or your office technology is antiquated at best.

How can we help?

At Redwand we understand the nature of nonprofits. Better yet we understand how technology can vastly improve your internal operations, thus improving the impact you have on the world.

We are not satisfied with simply putting out fires and bandaging problems. Our solutions are such that you will want to partner with us.

Redwand Offers:

  • Solutions that are cost effective and current
  • Professionals with extensive knowledge and skin in the game to understand your needs
  • Outstanding reliable support

Don’t waste time figuring out your IT needs, that’s one of the reasons for our existence. We are here to serve, call us at 347-560-1617 or email info@redwandventures.com