Resist the Do it Cheap Syndrome

This is a topic that we seem to encounter with every other prospect that engages with us to produce a web project. Being a small business ourselves we can empathize with those who operate in a lean manner. However, being lean does not mean that you should skimp on those areas of your business with the potential to improve on ROI. These sentiments are so on target, that we felt compelled to reproduce it here…

Many profits suffer from what Wilkinson calls the “do it cheap” syndrome, also known as the “ED’s nephew can build our website for free” syndrome.

In an effort to save money, nonprofits tend to rely on volunteer labor and free tools for creating and maintaining websites.

However, the cheapest possible tools might not actually meet your nonprofit’s needs, resulting in a website that’s hugely less effective than it could be.

And volunteers (whether it’s your ED’s clever 14-year-old nephew or even a skilled volunteer web designer) get busy. Their lives change, they move away or get a second job or decide to support another cause. Volunteers shouldn’t be who you rely on to create and maintain your web presence. ~ Jay Wilkinson


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