IT Consulting Services


Technology is blended in just about everything, if not everything we do today. Is your business utilizing innovation to its fullest potential? Is your IT framework constructed to meet the future developments of your business? If you had the opportunity to receive council, is your business in a position to use that input to take you to the next level?

IT Consulting Services

Redwand Ventures can furnish your business with the explanations for these inquiries and require a ton from others to characterize innovation results that will convert your organization. Innovation inefficiencies can railroad business achievement. At Redwand Ventures, we comprehend that no two organizations are indistinguishable thus we offer custom technology reviews. Redwand will perform a technology review on your business to help recognize and uproot inefficiencies, and additionally give imaginative results that will provide for you the edge over your rivals.

Customer Centered Audit Services

  • Evaluate present technology and suggest improvements that meet with business objectives
  • Eliminate expensive repairs
  • Develop well-documented solutions which reduces key personnel or vendor dependencies
  • Identify the opportunities for scalability and robustness of the current technology and infrastructure

Our solutions help small businesses save money and improve operations through fully-tested implementations that address their specific business needs.

2 Flexible Fee Methods:

FLEXIBLE METHOD A: On-Call / Hourly:

These services include on-demand “break-fix” support only; there are no recurring proactive support measures implemented.
Hourly On-Site Support – $100/hr (hour minimum charge) + $15 on-site fee*; this includes an invoice with description of services rendered as well as a broken-down cost. This document can be used for tax purposes. Cash or Credit Cards are acceptable forms of payment.
*On-site fee covers appointments within the 5 boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island & Long Island. It does not include parking fees or bridge tolls; those costs will be billed with the base on-site fee.

Remote Support – $60/hr. with minimum 30-min charge ($40). Invoice parameters remain the same as on-site services.

Email/Phone Consultation & Guidance – $40 per instance/conversation. FREE if it results in providing services in immediate future or it is a follow-up on prior services.

FLEXIBLE METHOD B: Maintenance Agreement: 

Maintenance agreements allow for proactive services. These agreements are very flexible and can contain many services that can be bundled differently to come up with a maintenance plan that fits your budget. We Install a secure remote support agent and unattended support module to run maintenance tasks. You pay in advance every three months by recurring credit card charge with the same invoicing parameters as our hourly remote support services. These prices are BASE prices per system; you will get a 10% discount on each additional system.

  • Basic tune-up – $70 (recommended every 1 month; frequency is up to you): includes OS/Software update scans & installations (minus service-packs), temporary files purge, free space reallocation
  •  Advanced tune-up – $200 (recommended every 3 months; frequency is up to you): Includes the Basic PLUS Service Pack installation, Drive defragmentation, Registry cleanse and scan the Event Logs for underlying issues.