Recently a prospective client, in not so nice terms, indicated that our fees were overpriced for the solution we quoted on her project. Clearly this prospect slipped through the net in our screening process. But this incident didn’t only raise a number of issues about the way the firm qualifies potential clients, but also how important it was for us to better educate prospects on value.

Here’s the real deal, chances are that if you spend a $1,000 to get your website done. Your web firm didn’t allow time to do anything more with your investment than whip up a templated site with very little consideration or discussion for its purpose. Of course, all of your Facebook friends agree the new website looks wonderful and that’s what counts, isn’t it?

Actually, what counts is to know that your new website will build your brand and increase sales. And it will do so effectively into the future.

  • Did your web company or designer/developer talk to you about a marketing strategy for your business, not just your website?
  • Did they ask to work with you to clearly define what you want the website to achieve?
  • Did they design the website with a clear ‘call to action’ for website visitors?
  • Are visitors to your site following your ‘call to action’? How do you know?
  • What ongoing strategy do you have in place to make absolutely sure that your investment in a website is bringing a solid return for your business?

Now consider that your competitor invested $6,000 in her online marketing solution? Was she a fool for making such a “huge” investment? Why she could have gotten some kid in design school to put up her site for a couple hundred bucks, right?

What you may not know is web firm didn’t even start discussing the color scheme of her website until they had dived deep into her marketing strategy and brainstormed all of the questions above. And, because her web firm had done it before and had experience with a range of businesses, they brought lots of additional ideas to the table. A few of those ideas have transformed the way her business does marketing in general, not just online.

So yes, she might have spent more in money and time upfront, but she now has a website that is increasing her bottom line and a clear plan on how to repeat that.