26Apr 2015
Solutions to business success

“Businesses with fewer than 20 employees have only a 37%
chance of surviving four years (of business) and only a 9% chance of surviving 10 years.” Restaurants only have a 20% chance of surviving 2 years.

Of these failed business, only 10% of them close
involuntarily due to bankruptcy and the remaining 90% close because the business was not successful, did not provide the level of income desired or was too much work for the operators efforts.

No magic solutions will guarantee a business success. However, the
following items will definitely help more than hinder your efforts of achieving business success.

Development of a business plan

Ask around and you’ll find varying views as there are businesses. As the 16th President of the US proclaimed “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Continue reading

24Apr 2015
Catering Website with Redwand Ventures

So you’ve decided to take action, working on your own or with a web developer to build and maintain your catering company website. Or you have a website, but you’re looking for ways to get better ROI.

What are the building blocks of a successful catering website?
For starters, you need photos—of your food, table setting, and ideally, also of your events. It may seem like the common sense response, but sometimes people get caught up in writing content that they forget that a lot of people are visual. To capture your clients attention you have to WOW them with imagery.

Think Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. your prospective customer is combing through these sites in search of their next caterer. The time for excuses about not having access to a photographer/videographer are no longer valid. If you have a smart phone that is all you need.

Pictures for your website

If you’re already working with event photographers, review the catering websites from redwand venturespictures they take at each event and pick the best for your site. If that’s not an option, grab your point & shoot or use the camera on your mobile phone.

**Here’s a hack: you can often get a photographer with great skill BUT who is in the process of building their portfolio. You can barter services or pay in food. Plus they get to meet potential clients at the event. Continue reading

20Apr 2015
Redwand Ventures website starter list

Sometimes a client comes to us with an idea and no clue of where to start. Here is a quick starter list for small business websites.  A list of basic items to consider when setting down the path of bringing your website to reality.

  • Grab your domain name (the
  • Web hosting – some providers will give you the domain name for free for the 1st year if you sign up with them.
  • Business Email Address – vital! once you’ve secured your domain get started on
  • Web marketing plan – a reputable creative agency often offers these services as an add-on
  • Navigation items – decide on the section of your website (about us, products, services, etc.)
  • Some idea of content – content is golden for any website, begin thinking of how you will attract and retain site visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – again your creative agency will should have these services as a part of their portfolio.
  • Email marketing plan – very important! it’s one thing to get people to visit your website, but how will you keep the engagement going. Don’t be like the guy who attracted the girl with his good looks, but his conversational skills are blah!!!
  • Social media accounts and strategy – before your website is even built you should be reaching out and building your audience.

This is a quick and dirty list BUT it is enough to get you started. Let us know if it helps. Gracias.

22Feb 2015
Redwand and Entrepreneurs Work

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur—in the last decade, technology has leveled the playing field and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As an entrepreneur, you now have more access to information that enables you to make more intelligent choices quickly. You have an advantage over big businesses in that you’re leaner, flexible, and faster on your feet. You can target new markets quickly, and you can pivot without disrupting operations.

But being a successful entrepreneur requires that you look at the big picture and follow a plan through from beginning to end.

  1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

Consider starting your business part-time, especially if it’s online, while you’re working and have a steady income. It usually takes six months to a year to get a business going and you don’t want your ability to make your mortgage payment to hinge upon your company being an overnight success. Start with what you can manage, financially and time-wise, and scale up as your business grows. Continue reading

27Oct 2014
Getting Repeat Customers

You work so hard or not (if you’re the luckiest person on Earth) to get the sale, but what happens after? What are you doing to keep that relationship going or to ensure referrals?

Rachel Daley shares some vital advice on how we can expand our customer relationships beyond the initial sale. Most of the advice are actually things that are no different than what we presently do for our close friends and family. Big on my list is “showing gratitude”, simple right. Treating your customer the way you’d like to be treated, who knew!

read the full article

10Sep 2014
Resist the Do it Cheap Syndrome

This is a topic that we seem to encounter with every other prospect that engages with us to produce a web project. Being a small business ourselves we can empathize with those who operate in a lean manner. However, being lean does not mean that you should skimp on those areas of your business with the potential to improve on ROI. These sentiments are so on target, that we felt compelled to reproduce it here…

Many profits suffer from what Wilkinson calls the “do it cheap” syndrome, also known as the “ED’s nephew can build our website for free” syndrome.

In an effort to save money, nonprofits tend to rely on volunteer labor and free tools for creating and maintaining websites.

However, the cheapest possible tools might not actually meet your nonprofit’s needs, resulting in a website that’s hugely less effective than it could be.

And volunteers (whether it’s your ED’s clever 14-year-old nephew or even a skilled volunteer web designer) get busy. Their lives change, they move away or get a second job or decide to support another cause. Volunteers shouldn’t be who you rely on to create and maintain your web presence. ~ Jay Wilkinson


05Sep 2014

Destroying your rival is the least demanding approach to expand your possibilities of business achievement. What’s more I don’t mean actually dispense with them, in a manner of doing something “awful” to them.

When I say destroy, I mean … take them out of your prospect’s options for your product or service offering.

Make it so your prospects ONLY think about your business, product or service when they are mulling over a purchasing decision. That way you get their business, rather than your rival making the deal.

This means on the off chance that you offer gadgets, you need your prospects to just think about your gadgets when they are considering purchasing. This is really simple to do if your business is not in a focused industry.

In any case we should assume there are assorted types of organizations offering what you are offering, or filling the same customer or business need you are filling. In what manner would you be able to verify your prospects ONLY consider you — and consequently just BUY from you — and not every one of those different businesses? Continue reading

16Jun 2014

Recently a prospective client, in not so nice terms, indicated that our fees were overpriced for the solution we quoted on her project. Clearly this prospect slipped through the net in our screening process. But this incident didn’t only raise a number of issues about the way the firm qualifies potential clients, but also how important it was for us to better educate prospects on value.

Here’s the real deal, chances are that if you spend a $1,000 to get your website done. Your web firm didn’t allow time to do anything more with your investment than whip up a templated site with very little consideration or discussion for its purpose. Of course, all of your Facebook friends agree the new website looks wonderful and that’s what counts, isn’t it? Continue reading

08Jun 2014

Simply put, it’s dynamic, that’s why!  Say, you printed your business cards and brochures last month. You spent a nice chunk of change because your wanted them to stand out. But now you discover you need to add something that will dramatically change what you’re communicating. You can’t throw out a thousand brochures or cards, but updating a website is simple! Simply tweak it, and you’re on your way.

Remember, customers aren’t always willing to buy when you’re willing to sell. By keeping them informed and in touch with your website, they can reach out to you whenever they are ready!

05Jun 2014

Mobile Web Pages

I was speaking to an entrepreneur recently about the services we provide and how we could possibly help her accomplish some new web initiatives.

This young lady proceeded to launch her present website on her smart phone. The design of the “desktop” version of her phone was phenomenal. However, on the mobile phone it just did not work. So I went on to explain that just because you can see your site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it’s mobile-friendly.

A Mobile Web Page is simply your run of the mill website that has been formatted so that it will appear properly on mobile devices (smart phone or tablet).  

Like any website, mobile websites can display text content, data, images and video. They can also access mobile-specific features such as click-to-call (to dial a phone number) or location-based mapping (think Google Maps). Using responsive design, we can make the mobile version of your website a phenomenal experience for user. Continue reading